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The multidisciplinary irradiation beam lines


At LNS two beam lines for external iradiation are at disposal of Users. They are called 'CATANA' beam line and 'Zero degree' beam line.

Access to a Cellular culture Laboratory (CCL) is also permitted upon specific request.
Please, read here Rules and Procedure to gain access to the CCL.


The CATANA and 0° experimental room at LNS for in-air irradiation


  • The CATANA beam line for proton samples irradiation in air;
  • The "Zero degree" beam line for carbon and generic ion irradiatio.

Both beam lines are equipped with positioning devices, control of the released dose (in terms of Gray), measure of the lateral and depth dose curves, control of the beam current.
For proton beams (CATANA room) is also possible to perform irradiations with clinical Spread Out Bragg peak

The maximum particle energy is 62 MeV per nucleon (i.e. about 30 mm in water for proton beams).

The maximum irradiation field (with an homogeneus dose distribution) is 40 mm for protons in the CATANA room and about 20 mm for carbon and other ions in the "Zero degree" room.

Both the beam lines are fully simulated with the Geant4 Monte Carlo toolkit. The application are validates against experiments so that any additional information can be derived by simulations.

The LNS group mantaining the facility will provide you additional information.

User have also at their disposal (upon specific request) a Cellular Colture Laboratory equipped with the main facilityes experiments in which cellular culture is necessary.

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