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Laboratory for Cellulars Colture

The LNS offer to the experimental groups that make request, a dedicated laboratory where the main facilities for radiobiology experiments can be found.

The Laboratory is a common place, shared by many Users and where potentially dangerous materials are managed. For these reasons, in order to assure the safety of everyone, few rules must be followed.

Since January 1, 2009 a set of new rules are provided and must be followed by any Group willing to access the Laboratory.

These rules, below reported, must be warranted by a Group Responsible (GLIMOS = Group Leader In Matter Of Safety) that must be identified for each research Group.



  1. Have an experiment approved by the LNS Committe
  2. Download, fill and sign the Access Form document below
  3. Send the Access Form by e-mail to Mr. S.Cardillo and Dr. G.A.P.Cirrone at least 10 days before the access day
  4. Contact Dr. G.A.P.Cirrone before your arrival so that an optimal coordination between the various Groups can be achieved.
  5. Contact Mr. S.Cardillo by phone or at your arrival to receive the correct information in matter of safety
  6. At the end of your experiment: download, fill and sign the Exit Form below and send it by e-mail to Mr. S.Cardillo and to Dr. G.A.P Cirrone.


The  Access Form (AF) must be send by e-mail to Mr. Cardillo and Dr. G.A.P.Cirrone at least 10 days before the access.

The Exit Form (EF) must be deliverd to Sig. Cardillo or Dr. Cirrone at the end of the experiment.


At this page you can check the actual status of your documents.


 Access Forms:

 Exit Forms


Rules for the Radiobiology Laboratory (To be read carefully, please)

  1. Radiobiology Laboratory has a Safety Responsible (Mr. S.Cardillo) and a Laboratory Responsible (Dr. G.A.P.Cirrone).
  2. The access to the Laboratory is allowed for limited periods and only and for activities strictly related to the experiment approved by LNS Committee.
  3. Each Group must identify one Group Responsible (GLIMOS).
  4. The name of the GLIMOS must be reported in the AF signed by the experiment spoksperson and by the GLIMOS.
  5. Each Group must declare the name, safety characteristics of any substance will be introduced in the laboratory (chemical material, cells, laboratory devies, etc.).
  6. Each Group must declare the name and kind (liquid and/or solid) of discards they will produce.
  7. The GLIMOS is responsible for any material, any dangerous substance or any special discard, left in the laboratory without respetting the safety rules reported in this document.
  8.  Any substance (container, box, bottle, etc) and any kind of device left in the laboratory must indicate the name of the owner group and/or the name of the GLIMOS.
  9. Any material found in the Laboratory without a name and/or the name of belonging Group, will be immediately remoed and discarded.
  10. The boxes for special discards must be never completely filled up.
  11. If the box for the special discard is full no special discard must be produced and GLIMOS must contact the safety responsible (Mr. S.Cardillo).
  12. The GLIMOS using the laboratory must close the box for the special discards when it is filled up and inform the safety responsible (Mr. Cardillo).
  13. Users, in the person of GLIMOS, must sign a register inside the laboratory and report the starting and endig period of access.
  14. The laboratory and its instrumentation must be leaved clean and tidy.
  15. Laboratory Responsible and Security Responsible must be informed if anomalus or potentially dangerous events occur.
  16. The Laboratory Responsible must be informed if any device is broken or if any othr material is needed.


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