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Minutes for the July 28 meeting

DECISIONS from the last meeting (July 28, 2009)

All plots have to correct using the new depths

For the big paper, We decide to explain the hadronic interaction to explan the secondary producation of the carbon ions.

DECISIONS for the PAPER (July 28, 2009):

Only 10 lines for the geant4, just brief description of experimental setup.

Great part for the big has dedicated to the simulation: dose, fluence and LET calculation (for Protons and Carbons)

After the holiday, we can decide the final plots for the big paper


DECISIONS from the last meeting (July 21, 2009)

  1. Verify the SOBP Fluence arising the statistics
  2. Pablo has to to send Ciccio the plot with fluences for carbon beam (still pending from Pablo)
  3. Ciccio must do plot for 12C as the same scheme of Pure and SOBP in the proton case


  • Pablo send to Ciccio data with carbon fluences;
  • Pablo recalculated the depth dose distributions for carbon with higher statistic (1 M histories) and make plots in both logaritmic and linear; Moreover Pablo added the experimental data in the plot
  • Pablo tried to as in the following way to the Ivan questions:


See here the updated plots

Ivan asked:

In slide 21 there is about 5% (0.1) of secondary particles after the end of range of carbon,  with respect to the maximum of the total number of particles. Is this correct?

Pablo: no, the number of total secondaries after the peak is 100% not only 5%

Ivan asked:

In slide 21, was the number of initial particles (carbon ions) for the simulation of fluence the same as for full energy protons and SOBP?

Pablo: for the carbon beam fuences and peaks I used the same number of histories (1M). 1M events are suficient for the carbon beam case as the beam line is less complex and less particles are lossed. Different and more complex is the geometrical configuration for the proton case and in this case more histries are necessary.



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