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Geant4-INFN Meeting at LNS

November 19, 2008 - Laboratori Nazionali del Sud of INFN, Catania

Participants: B.Caccia, G.A.P.Cirrone, G.Cuttone, F.Di Rosa, L. Pandola, F.Romano, C.Andenna, A.Solano

Starts at 10:00 a.m. in Aula 52

Points for discussion:

  1. General discussion of present and future activity of each group
    1. Milestones Geant4-INFN 2009
    2. Milestones 2010 (to insert in the 2009 requests
  2. Responsibility for the Geant4 review 2007
  3. New Geant4-INFN web site
  4. Report from the last Coll. Workshop, see the Timetable for details
  5. Gruppo Geant4-INFN (Contribute from each group)
    1. F.Romano (INFN-LNS) hadronic activity and GammaKnifeRS example
    2. F.Di Rosa (INFN-LNS): activity on LET Calculation and Hadrontherapy
    3. A.Solano (INFN-TO): 
    4. B.Caccia (INFN-ISS):
    5. L.Pandola (INFN-LNGS): Penelope processes
    6. S.Chauvie (INFN-TO):
  6. Contribute to the Geant4 Collaboration  from each group
  7. Next 15th Collaboration meeting


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